Sunday, April 09, 2006

I spent 3 hours mopping the floor today!

We have gained the dubious honor, over the past three years, of hosting some of the craziest parties in our social circle. Last night was no exception.

Andrea and Emily made food.

Andy and I worked on the camp stove. I found this stove in a dumpster a couple years ago but never used it. There is something goofy about the burner, so I'm trying to figure out if i can fix it or if the burner needs to be replaced.

We started out with 2 cases, and ended up going through six!

This is early in the night. Andrea's aunt Dottie and her friend Deborah stopped by. Deborah and Jonathan have a place in Montana that we will be visiting when we ride through Glaicer.

Val made cookies- she cooks awesome food all of the time and brings it to events.

The appartment was packed all night, with people standing all over the sidewalk, from around 9 till 3. It was fun, but also pretty tiring. I had a chance to talk to a lot of people and actually stayed in good shape for the whole night.

Kat Raz started it out right. Andy had some mysterious Kerouac-esqe polaroid ready for a photo op.

I shot a lot of photos last night so email me if you want to see more... I didn't post most of them because after 6 hours of partying, pictures can be kind of unfair...

3 am and still going strong...

Thanks everyone who came over, as always I wish I could have talked to you all longer and hope we can hang out again before we leave.


Askinstoo said...
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Anonymous said...

looks to be a rather "hip" scene

pbr, vegan cookies, etc.