Sunday, February 19, 2006

Gettin' real paid (plus a gear update).

We are now officially sponsored! Rotofugi designer toy store in Chicago has made us their trans-American street team. Whitney and Kirby Kerr are awesome people and they have a great store in East Ukrainian Village. During our travels we will be stickering for the store, and in term receiving a bounty collectible urban vinyl. I admit it, I am a complete nerd when it comes to this stuff. It is very cool and expensive so I'm really glad to have made this arrangement. There will be a sticker travel-log on their forum, be sure to check it out.

Building the travel kitchen.

Cooking on the road is a huge unknown of this trip. In the past, camping has meant instant noodles, soups, curries, basically anything you can pour hot water over. Andrea loves to cook and has serious contention with a year of dehydrated chow. A lot of research and reading plus advice from Sean who works for Moosejaw has yielded a basic plan for cooking supplies. Here is the inventory as of now:

The Coleman stove isn't the lightest, but a) I dumpster dove it and b) replacement parts are available everywhere. The rest of the gear has been carefully deliberated over.


DeanoMeano said...

Hello Ira and Andrea!

Read about your ride on the Rotofugi forum. Will definitely be reading your blog for updates.

Any plans on swinging through Portland, OR?

Have fun, good luck and be safe!!


steaktaco said...

rotofugi sponsorship is awesome...
you should mount a mini on your headtube as a badge, that would be cute.